New, 3-Cell Supercapacitors Support Significant Jump in Energy Storage

Posted by Trent Carroll on Mar 20, 2024 8:15:00 AM

We recently released new supercapacitor modules that provide a significant jump in voltage rating over typical radial-mount supercapacitors, up to 9.0 WVDC.

These electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs) come from our newly acquired Cornell Dubilier brand, known for premium capacitors. Their DGH and DSF Series supercapacitors allow us to bring a three-cell package for higher operating voltages and printed circuit board space savings to customers. Both series include capacitance values from 0.33 to 5 Farads and multiple devices can be banked for even higher capacitance or voltage.


Like other supercapacitors now offered by Knowles’ Cornell Dubilier brand, the new devices provide very fast power discharge that cannot be matched by conventional capacitors or batteries. From a performance standpoint, both series offer high power density and extremely low self-discharge rates, benefiting energy storage applications. ESR varies by part but is lower than most capacitors with similar storage capabilities.

These new supercapacitors are designed to withstand over 500,000 charge/discharge cycles, ensuring long-lasting performance without degradation. Operating life is expected to be at least 10 years depending on application conditions. This functionality makes it possible to support brief power interruptions, provide power density for pulse applications, and supplement batteries to extend life by up to 3x.

These supercapacitors are ideal for applications where significant energy storage is beneficial, including: 

  • Solar and wind energy harvesting
  • Mechanical actuators
  • AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles)
  • EV transportation power
  • Smart utility meters
  • IoT
  • Pulse battery pack alternatives
  • Memory backup
  • Battery/capacitor hybrids
  • UPS systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • LED power
  • Solar lighting

To learn more about Knowles’ Cornell Dubilier brand DGH and DSF Series Three-cell supercapacitors, visit

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