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Posted by Brook Sandy on May 15, 2024 8:15:00 AM
Brook Sandy

At Knowles, we closely monitor the trends and market conditions that impact our customers’ design needs. As a specialty components manufacturer with in-house ceramic and thin film manufacturing expertise, we can quickly adapt to these changing needs to make it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. That’s why in 2023 we released numerous new off-the-shelf DLI brand microwave devices.

These components are made with our temperature stable ceramics, are incredibly small compared to other similar parts on the market, and cover a range of frequency bands, from the S band to the V band. Below is a summary of the capabilities of our latest microwave product offerings.

Surface Mount, Dual-Band Filters and Diplexers for 5G FR2 (28 and 39GHz) Bands

These new filters are designed to help you minimize board space while providing dual-channel filtering. The new AFL09387 dual-band filter provides an off-the-shelf dual-band filter to separate 5G channels with a single surface mount technology (SMT) device. Our ADP09388 diplexer expands on these capabilities by including the channel split onboard, from a single source or antenna feed to two filtered outputs.


Figure 1. A close-up of our new diplexer.

New Frequencies for Fully Shielded Surface Mount Bandpass Filters 

We’ve expanded our already extensive line of high-quality bandpass filters by adding nine new options to cover a variety of additional frequencies and bandwidths with off-the-shelf options (Table 1). These new filters provide a low-cost alternative, with most of the benefits of our custom filter designs. Small form factor comes standard, resulting in widths significantly below half a wavelength, and making these filters ideal for “every element” applications such as digital beamforming arrays.

Part Number Fc (GHz) % Bandwidth
B021MC8S 2.105 5.0%
B032OD5S 3.25 30.8%
B038MC9S 3.81 10.0%
B042RC3S 4.5 53.3%
B043QB4S 4.5 48.9%
B084MC6S 8.42 10.0%
B098QC5S 10 40.0%
B114MB1S 11.429 10.0%
B424MB1S 42.4 7.1%

Table 1. The center frequency and percent bandwidth for our nine new fully shielded surface mount bandpass filters.


Figure 2. The S Parameters for our 10 GHz surface mount bandpass filter, which would be an excellent option for filtering in direct sampling applications


X-Band 8 – 12GHz Surface Mount Branchline Coupler

Repeatable, low excess loss, and excellent amplitude and phase balance combine to give this new 90° coupler an edge over our competition. This branchline coupler is perfect for use in digital radio or radar applications. 


Wideband Performance for Wire Bond Assemblies

These six new filters and couplers are specially designed for use in electronic warfare and ultra wideband radios. They are also ideal for hybrid microelectronic assemblies and epoxy-attach modules.

  • B100MH0W – 2-18 GHz Bandpass Filter (See Figure 3)
  • B100RH2W – 2-18 GHz Bandpass Filter
  • H026XHXW – 3-24.5 GHz Highpass Filter
  • B120RF0W – 6-18 GHz Bandpass Filter
  • FPC08056 – 20-40GHz 20dB Directional Coupler
  • FPC08057 – 20-40GHz 10dB Directional Coupler
    The graph shows the S Parameters for the B100MH0W band pass filterFigure 3. The graph shows the S Parameters for the B100MH0W band pass filter. This filter offers a wideband range from the S to the Ku band in a wire-bondable compact format, making it an ideal option for electronic warfare applications.

Our new B100MH0W, B100RH2W, and H026XHXW wideband filters (3)
Figure 4. Our new B100MH0W, B100RH2W, and H026XHXW wideband filters.


For a more comprehensive overview of our microwave products, check out our Microwave Products Catalog. Need help determining which catalog part is the best fit for meeting your unique needs? Contact us today.


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