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Posted by Peter Matthews on Sep 3, 2019 10:05:00 AM
Peter Matthews

As mobile wireless technology moves from LTE to 5G, a common question we hear is “How is filtering going to be handled in the unfamiliar territory of millimeter wavelengths?” There is a lot of uncertainty around what filters will be required, where they need to be placed in the base station, how good they need to be, and so forth.

With more than 40 years of experience working with millimeter wave (mmWave) applications, our engineers at Knowles Precision Devices understand the critical features needed to implement microwave filters for 5G technology and can help address these questions and concerns. Additionally, our filter technology addresses the challenge of implementing high-performance filters at mmWave frequencies.

At a high-level, our 26GHz, 28GHz, and 39GHz catalog filters provide the following features:

  1. 3 GHz of bandwidth
  2. Greater than 50 dB rejection
  3. Are 20x smaller than current alternatives while implemented in surface mount packages for standard tune-free assembly
  4. Have temperature stable operation from -55°C to +125°C

To help you navigate some of the issues and options when considering filtering for a 5G system and better understand how our filters can help, we put together the following collection of comprehensive resources for you to explore: 



Blog Post

An Introduction to the 5G Frequency Spectrum

Blog Post

Spectral Efficiency and mmWave Bandpass Filter Temperature Stability

Blog Post

Filter Shape Factor and Selectivity

Blog Post

Microstrip Filters deliver small size at high frequencies

Blog Post

At mmWave Surface Mount Microstrip Filters are key to reducing cost

White Paper  

RF Filtering For 5G Millimeter Wave Applications

White Paper 

Implementing High Performance Filters in Millimeter Wave Applications

White Paper

Microstrip Filter Topologies

White paper

Reduce Cost and Complexity in 5G mmWave systems with Surface Mount Solderable Filter Components

White paper

Tolerance and Size Analysis for mmWave Filter Manufacturing


Approaching the 5G mmWave Filter Challenge

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