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A Custom Approach to Large Capacitor Assembly

Webinar: RF Components in Emerging SATCOM Applications

RF Filtering Techniques for Millimeter Wave Applications

EIA MLCC Case Sizes: Past and Future

Managing High-Temperature Electronics Environments Down to the Component Level

Solving Tough Technical Challenges Through Agility and Experience

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Knowles Acquires IMC to Expand Filtering Offering from the VHF to Ka Bands

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Fully Digital Beamforming – An Excellent Option for Emerging Military Applications

Build-to-Print Basics Part 14: Testing

Webinar: Addressing Filtering Challenges in Digital Broadband Receivers for Electronic Warfare Applications

Detonation Capacitors and EFI

Build-to-Print Basics Part 13: Bias Networks

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Your Quick Guide to Trimmer Capacitor Selection – Part 2

Overcoming EMI in Electric Vehicle Applications

Your Quick Guide to Trimmer Capacitor Selection – Part 1

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Live Webinar: Addressing Filtering Challenges in Digital Broadband Receivers for Electronic Warfare Applications

An Innovative Phased Array Filtering Approach

Spectral Efficiency and mmWave Bandpass Filter Temperature Stability

Should I Use a Tantalum or Class II MLC Capacitor in My Circuit?

Introducing the Highest Voltage, Smallest Footprint SLC on the Market – The V80 Bypass Capacitor

Build-to-Print Basics Part 11: Ensuring Reliable Connections with Supported Bridges and Solder Dams

Meet Safety Requirements at Higher Voltages with New Safety-Certified MLCCs

Understanding the Impact of ESR on Ceramic Capacitor Selection

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Build-to-Print Basics Part 10: Resistors

Balancing Performance with Compact Quadrature Hybrid Couplers

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Know Today’s RF Filtering Trends to Better Meet the Needs of Tomorrow’s RF Design Jobs

Achieve Excellent Performance in a Small Footprint with Low-Loss, High Q S and C Band Filters

At mmWave Frequencies, Surface Mount Components Are Key to Reducing Cost

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5 Ways to Address Common RF Filtering Challenges in mmWave Applications

Bring Us Your Toughest Challenges

Build-to-Print Basics Part 2: Build-to-Print and Custom Thin Film

An Introduction to the 5G Frequency Spectrum

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Milli-Cap: The Ideal Ultra-Low Loss Broadband Blocking Capacitor

Building 5G Small Cells Without Compromising Performance

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New SV Series Capacitor Assemblies: The Perfect Fit for Power Supply Filtering

Wilkinson Power Dividers and Feed Networks – A Brief Overview

Today’s RF Power Applications Require Understanding Equivalent Series Resistance & Q Factor

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Frequency Matters: An Interview with Microwave Journal

Supporting EV Battery Innovation with the Highest Voltage AEC-Q200 MLCCs

On-Demand Webinar: Building a 28 GHz Small Cell for 5G Applications

Trimmer Capacitor Considerations in Practice

Microstrip Filters Deliver Small Size at High Frequencies

Simplifying 5G Radio Design with a New Range of 28 GHz Bandpass Filters

From the 1920s to the 2020s – Bandwidth Has Always Been King

Medical Imaging Quality Starts by Selecting the Right Components

What to Think About When Replacing Film Capacitors with MLCCs

RF Filter Terminology and Specifications

Tips From the Lab: Vertical Mount MLCC’s to Save Board Space and Achieve High Capacitance Values

FAQ: Does MLCC Capacitance Change with Voltage?

Live Webinar: Practicalities of Building a 28 GHz Small Cell for 5G Applications

Supporting Medical Advancement at Knowles Precision Devices

Meeting the Demands of High-Voltage Electric Vehicle Systems While Guaranteeing Reliability and Safety

FAQ: What is Q Factor?

Best Practices for Maximizing the Performance of Our Surface-Mount Filters

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Using Cavity Filters for High Precision and Reliability in Narrow Band Microwave Applications

High-Reliability Microwave Component Technology Enables Space Innovation

FAQ: What Frequencies Do Your Microwave Products Cover?

FAQ: Do You Offer Flexible Termination on Your MLCCs?

Filter Shape Factor and Selectivity

A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Right Capacitor for Your Specific Application Needs

2019: Laying the Foundation for mmWave 5G Globally

Clarifying MIL-STD-461 and EMI Filter Misconceptions

Application and Installation Considerations for EMI Filters

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The Challenges 5G Brings to RF Filtering

Introduction to EMI Filtering

Knowles Precision Devices Selected to Support Joint Strike Fighter Program

Capacitor Fundamentals: Part 12 – Visual Standards for Chip Capacitors

How a $5 Capacitor Turned Into a $1 Billion Problem

A Quick Guide to Properly Selecting a Capacitor for MMIC RF Bypassing

Knowles Precision Devices will be at EUMW 2019

Non-Magnetic Capacitors for Medical Imaging Applications

5G Filtering Solutions eBook

Explore Comprehensive Resources for 5G Filtering Technology

Practical Innovation at Knowles Precision Devices

Planar Filter Technology for Millimeter Wave Applications

Navigating Capacitor Screening Standards

Capacitor Fundamentals: Part 11 - High Reliability Testing

Millimeter Wave Filter Manufacturing: Tolerance and Size

Capacitor Fundamentals: Part 10 – Industry Test Standards

Capacitor Fundamentals: Part 9 – Test Parameters and Electrical Properties

Capacitor Fundamentals: Part 8 – Dielectric Classifications

Capacitor Fundamentals: Part 7 – Linear Dielectrics

A Balancing Act: Cost vs. Reliability for Medical Device Development

Key Specifications and Practical Solutions for 5G mmWave Filters

Knowles Precision Devices will be at IMS 2019

Capacitor Fundamentals: Part 6 – Ferroelectric Ceramics

Capacitor Fundamentals: Part 5 – Dielectric Properties

Capacitor Fundamentals: Part 4 – Dielectric Polarization

Capacitor Selection: Meeting the Demands of Medical Innovation

Looking Closer at Resonant Capacitors in Electric Vehicles

Looking Closer at Smoothing Capacitors in Electric Vehicles

How Big Is A Wavelength?

Flexibility of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors: Guaranteed 5mm of bend on AEC-Q200 certified components

Broadband Bypass Capacitors For High Speed Optical and mmWave

Capacitor Fundamentals: Part 3 – Factors Affecting Capacitance

Capacitor Fundamentals: Part 2 – How are Capacitors Used?

Capacitor Fundamentals: Part 1 – What is a Capacitor?

Understanding Temperature Rise of MLCCs in High-Power EV and HEV Applications

Challenges and Solutions to Global Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor Shortage

How to Specify a Filter

Key Considerations for Selecting Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for Electric Vehicles

Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor Market Trends

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