Live Webinar: Addressing MLCC Performance Issues in High-Voltage EV Applications

Posted by Steve Hopwood on Nov 10, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Join us and Charged EVs on Wednesday, November 17 at 10 am EDT for our latest live webinar – Addressing MLCC Performance Issues in High-Voltage EV Applications.

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In recent years, multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) have emerged as an excellent capacitor option for the high-power electrical systems needed in electric vehicle (EVs) due to their small physical size, very low inductance, and ability to operate at higher temperatures. However, EV engineers are facing two big challenges with using MLCCs including DC bias that can cause capacitance loses of 80 to 90 percent of their quoted value and self-heating issues from AC ripple that leads to inefficiencies in circuits and increased cooling demands. 

These MLCC performance issues related to capacitance loss from DC bias and self-heating due to AC ripple are currently a hot topic for electrical engineers working on EVs. This is largely because circuit stability and performance can require an understanding of capacitance loss and EV efficiency can be greatly improved if self-heating issues are eliminated, because not only will there be reduced energy losses, but heat management requirements will be reduced. If the circuits can run cooler, the number of parts needed to cool the system can be reduced, lowering the weight of the vehicle. And anytime weight is brought down, aerodynamic drag is reduced and less energy is needed to drive the vehicle, inherently increasing the vehicle’s range.

Therefore, to take advantage of all the benefits of MLCCs without causing inefficacies elsewhere, EV engineers need a way to manage these issues. This can be done using more stable materials, such as the custom materials offered by Knowles Precision Devices, that offer lower loss and less temperature rise with AC current flow. We’ve put together this webinar, to dive into these MLCC inefficiency issues and the ways to address these issues. More specifically, in the webinar, we will cover the following:

  • How capacitance changes with applied voltage
  • The rules you need to follow to avoid overvoltage
  • Performance characteristics of various dielectrics
  • How new high-stability, low-loss materials can address these known performance issues

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